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Welcome to our Affiliate Network!

We are really delighted to offer you to an easy and profitable Internet business strategy. It is known as the Affiliate Program. The most unique aspect of Affiliate is that you can still earn commissions without having any products, investment costs, or a personal website. Our training also does not require any commercial or technological background. Starting with Affiliate is a great place to start for newcomers.

How does it work?

When you come to Affiliate Program, you just create a new account totally freely for your work. Then you will use available email or text link to sale our website to whoever you want. Commission will be given to you if person you refer clicks on one of our website’s links. After a successful purchase, you will receive commission.

Controlling your work directly!

Affiliate Program makes you more active in business. You can check your account balance and track directly own transaction anytime.

Our Campaigns

Pay per sale: You will receive (X) commission for each product item of the first purchase made using the affiliate referral link. You will receive (Y) commission for each product item of your subsequent purchases.

Discount policy: A consumer who makes their first purchase using the affiliate referral link earns (Z) off for each product item. The buyer will not receive a discount on subsequent transactions. However, the affiliate account continues to get commissions from this customer's subsequent orders.

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